Educators can use making, aligned with curricular goals, to reinforce formal lesson plans to make learning relevant!  A makerspace is a natural place where teachers can answer the common question: ‘Why do I need to learn this?”

1st Maker Space offers dozens of enrichment opportunities in schools throughout the school year to inspire kids to think.  Each week, educators present a themed unit on making.  Those include 3D printing, simple electronic circuits, laser cutting, soldering, sewing, robotics and model rocketry!  

During their time in the makerspace, students can make anything!  They can design a product, collaborate with their friends on projects or simply indulge their curiosity in any of the making skill areas offered at 1st Maker Space: Materials, Measuring, Cutting, Connecting & Controlling.  Tools and supplies are included.

1st Maker Space afterschool programs are aligned with Indiana After School STEM standards.

We want you to lead a Maker Program!  Contact us to learn about the opportunity, rewards and respect that educators receive by being a part of our afterschool program today!