Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing Certification (IAM-Cert)

The Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing – Building a 3D Printer! course will expose you to many of the key skill areas that employers seek in applicants looking to make a career in advanced manufacturing.

3D printing has been called the next industrial revolution. The potential to move manufacturing from a factory to a desktop has captivated the attention of innovators around the world. At its most fundamental level, a 3D printer is a robot that precisely deposits layers of materials under the control of a program running on a computer. The computer converts a virtual image of a part into the digital instructions the 3D printer uses to make it.

During the 12 week program, class members will actually build an industrial quality 3D printer and learn about all the technologies and processes incorporated in the design which are necessary to successfully operate the printer. At the conclusion of the course each student will get to keep the printer they made.

Key engineering skills and concepts advanced manufacturing will be presented:

  • Industrial safety
  • Measurement systems, including drafting and graphical dimensioning and tolerancing
  • Quality control
  • Programming in the C language for the Arduino microcontroller
  • Basic concepts of engineering of materials concepts
  • 3D modeling
  • Basic mecha-tronics
  • Troubleshooting complex systems

Registration Details

Where: Harrison College Indianapolis - Downtown (550 E Washington St)
When: Tuesday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30 beginning October 4th, 2016
Cost: $3500 (includes 3D printer built in class)


Download the Brochure - HERE