3D Printers for Your School

1st Maker space STEAM ENGINE 3d printer!

3D printers have been called the 'Third Industrial Revolution.'  They are chaging the ways products get designed, developed and produced.

Thanks to the expiration of many patents, a generation of small 3D printers has emerged that make them accessible to schools and libraries.  We are leading the way!

We design, manufacture and maintain our own 3D printer we call the STEAM Engine.  We offer local sales, support and service for what we sell.  No other 3D printer manufacturer can compete with the STEAM engine for performance or reliability.

Buy with confidence & become a member of our Maker Educator Network!

Once purchased, 1st Maker Space will provide your school with one or more STEAM Engine 3D printers, training and support.

Teachers get training to become certified in the use of STEAM Engine 3D printers with purchase.  We hope they use the printers in their classroom, for 3D printing clubs and for cross-curricular lesson plans and activities.  

Ready to purchase 3D Printers or afterschool programming? Contact us to find out more!